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We are now booking for the rest of 2013
call: 931-267-6680 / 865-621-0727
Posted:  September 17th, 2009
Larry and the Daryls are back in business as of August 15th, 2010.
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Two More Bottles Of Wine
Video from Cookeville Fall Fun Fest. Sept. 12th 2009
We had a huge time on our part of the Cookeville "Fall Fun Fest" last saturday. It was a great chance to see some of our old and new friends and enjoy some good music and food.
Posted:  July 27th, 2009
The Waylon Jennings/Johnny Cash Tribute show in Corydon, Indiana saturday nite was a huge success. We  played to a sold out crowd. The  Corydon Jamboree theatre holds about 450 folks and there was not one empty seat which means we will probably be scheduling more of these shows  in the USA and Canada in the near future.
There are pictures on the way. I took 3 cameras and did not take one picture but hopefully others did.
Posted:  July 24th, 2009
Larry, Lewell and Will had a great time yesterday at the "Night Life" theatre in Nashville rehearsing for the  Cash/Jennings show.
Tommy Cash
Tommy Jennings
The LeGarde Twins         "Tom and Ted"
        Will * Larry * Tommy Cash                                                       Will * Lewell * Tommy Cash
Posted:  July 13th, 2009
Larry, Lewell and Will played the annual "Johnny Majors Golf Tournament" last saturday night along with Tim Irwin and Con Hunley.
It is always a good time and good food. To say these golfers are all charactors would be putting it mildly.
Below are some pics.
Left: Will, Larry, Coach Majors, Lewell and Tim  Irwin
Right: Will, Larry and Lewell
Left: Con Hunley and Larry
See more pics on the photo page.
Posted:  July 10th, 2009
Larry, Lewell and Will have just signed on as part of a 
"Johnny Cash / Waylon Jennings Tribute Tour"
The first show will be July 25th in
Corydon, Indiana  *  7:30 pm
Tommy Cash / John's brother
Waylon's brother / Tommy Jennings
Tom & Ted
The World Famous LeGarde Twins
Corydon Jamboree
220 Hurst Ln
Corydon, IN 47112-1566
(812) 738-1130
The venue is a 400 + seat auditorium which is temperature controlled for your comfort and features a state-of-the art sound system.
We will keep you updated on show locations and dates as soon as they are available to us.
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